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2022 Annual Report

About FAR

Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a promising future for the people of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh.
Founded by the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) in response to the devastating 1988 earthquake, FAR was reorganized into a not-for-profit charitable voluntary organization and received its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit status by the IRS in March 1993.
Since then, FAR has implemented more than 300 relief, social, child protection, educational, economic development, healthcare, and cultural projects valued at more than $375 million.

Randy Sapah-Gulian


Primate Mesrop Parsamyan


Year after year, FAR is fortunate to be able to talk about our mission in Armenia and Artsakh. Despite the challenges of the past few years, we’ve continued to expand our work and ultimately our impact on the lives of our less advantaged brothers and sisters. This is all thanks to you, our supporters. You helped us to make 2022 our most successful fundraising year ever.

This is quite an accomplishment. As you know, the past year brought some further challenges. The indiscriminate attacks from Azerbaijan last fall shocked us greatly but, sadly, they didn’t fully surprise us. The needless loss of life continued to remind us of the importance of strengthening our country and of helping those in need.
Dear Friends, 

We still face ever-present threats to the integrity of our beloved Armenia but we’ve held strong. We continue to build our country from the inside out through opportunity in education and livelihood, and through access to better healthcare, shelter and protection.

This has been most notable in our FAR for Artsakh program, which grew exponentially in 2022. Thanks to you, we continue to answer the call to support the Armenians from Artsakh who have been displaced, for whom home in Artsakh is no more, for those who continue to build their lives in Armenia. 
We have enabled people like Violeta, a mother of nine, to finally have a stable roof over her family’s head. After fleeing Artsakh, they were living with mud floors and a lack of proper heating. Now, Violeta’s younger children are in school and the older ones have been able to find jobs with our help.
Our work has also compelled people like Dr. Seda Tadevosyan to join our Doctors for Artsakh program. Dr. Tadevosyan spent two weeks in Stepanakert treating those with Type 2 Diabetes and ultimately deciphering a pattern exacerbated by war. She is encouraging her colleagues to go to Artsakh to also make a difference in the health of Armenians, which will ultimately help with Artsakh’s revitalization. 
There are many stories like these—stories you helped to make possible. We are proud to present to you this Annual Report, in which you can read more about the work you helped make possible in 2022. You have shown us--especially this year--that it is through our shared vision and our unity that we can continue keep our motherland strong. Let us continue to stand together and make 2023 better than ever. We have so much more to do together. 

Letter From Our

President and Chairman

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