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2023 Annual Report


About Us

Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to building a promising future for the people of Armenia.

Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to building a promising future for the people of Armenia.


FAR was founded on the principle of need. In response to the 1988 earthquake, a group of dedicated and prominent Armenians led by Archbishop Torkom Manoogian, Dr. Edgar Housepian, and Kevork Hovnanian, provided the necessary resources and aid to help Armenians rebuild their shattered lives. These outstanding individuals represented the collective strength and willpower of the Eastern Diocese and many American Armenians. 

While initially focused on the immediate aid required, FAR quickly realized that Armenia needed medium-term and long-term support that extended far beyond healing the wounds inflicted by the earthquake's devastation. As a result, FAR evolved into an all-encompassing organization with a dedicated Board of Directors and a steadfast, incredible staff in Yerevan, Tavush, Gyumri and Sisian.
Today, FAR is world renowned and respected as an organization whose mission is to empower the people of Armenia. Often we do things that others cannot do. Often, we have a unique approach to help empower others in ways that others cannot conceive of. Our organization not only works tirelessly to alleviate the hardships of those in the present, but we constantly and successfully seek out solutions to improve people’s lives in the future in ways they never dreamed possible. 
To date, FAR has implemented more than 300 relief, social, child protection, education, economic development, health, and cultural projects valued at more than $380 million.

Randy Sapah-Gulian


Primate Mesrop Parsamyan


Since its inception in response to the devastation of the 1988 earthquake, FAR has been on the frontlines, leading the efforts to help Armenians navigate the most challenging events, from the devastating impact of cross-border conflicts, to the unprecedented health crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Painfully, this past year, one of our worst fears became a reality when Artsakh was taken from us on September 19, 2023. While our fellow brothers and sisters in Artsakh fled for their lives, leaving everything behind, FAR jumped into action. Faced with devastation on a physical, emotional and psychological level, our emergency response efforts provided those desperately in need of urgent humanitarian support–be it shelter, food, warmth or comfort–to more than 5,000 people.

We couldn’t have done this without you, our supporters. It was you who made this lifesaving work possible. 
Dear Friends, 

In addition to an extensive emergency response effort, FAR, as it has done so many times before, quickly assessed the long term needs of newly arrived Artsakh refugees, and laid the groundwork for lasting development solutions by adapting and implementing large-scale projects within our five pillars: Social Services, Education, Economic Development, Child Protection, Health, and also Ayo!.

For instance, there was Svetlana, who became a social worker through our Social Workers for Artsakh project, which FAR launched after the 44-day Artsakh War in 2020. Svetlana and her children were forced to flee their home in Artsakh in September, taking refuge in the forest to avoid Azeri gunfire. After they arrived in Armenia, Svetlana found the strength to channel the trauma of her displacement into dedication for her new job as a social worker in Gegharkunik Province where she continues to be a pillar of support for 35 other displaced Artsakh families. 


Svetlana’s story is just one example of how our projects continue to empower beneficiaries, ultimately enabling them to fulfill their potential and strengthen their communities. 

We made significant strides in other development projects, which brought access to education and better healthcare to so many, along with safe haven to children in need, sustenance to low-income seniors—and so much more. 


There were some notable milestones during 2023: The Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program, undoubtedly the most expansive endeavor in FAR’s history, celebrated 10 years of implementation. From education to job creation to health, we have been able to witness BCPP’s tangible impact in every corner of the Berd Region of Armenia’s Tavush Province. After a decade of BCPP, families and individuals are now more self-sufficient, have access to greater opportunities, and they see the value of staying in their home region. They have hope. This is arguably the greatest achievement of such a project. Of course there is much more work to do and this is why BCPP also started its second phase during 2023, focusing on the Ijevan and Noyamberyan regions, which are greatly in need. 


Our dynamic fundraising platform Ayo! celebrated its most fruitful year since its 2013 launch. More than 500 new donors joined the Ayo! “family” in 2023, and donors contributed more than $250,000, bringing Ayo!’s total amount raised in 10 years to $1.25 million. Ayo!s projects have touched more than 100,000 Armenians.


FAR is able to do its work because of you. As you will clearly see in this report, the assistance and empowerment FAR gives is matched by an enthusiasm and a passion from Armenians to strengthen their country. 


Our mission lies in the people and communities that we serve. During 2024, we will continue to empower individuals, families and communities. We will do this together.

Thank you,


President and Chairman

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